Welcome the new core team members

Today we have some very exciting news to share: two people are joining the core team, both of whom have contributed a great deal to SWC, one of whom goes by the username @magic-akari and the other by the username @Austaras. They are both very deserving of being on the core team, and I think we should have invited them to join the core team a long time ago, but due to my (@kdy1) personal circumstances, it was put on hold.

We want to improve the documentation, we want to provide more plugins, and we want to do community management as a team.

I started the SWC project by myself a long time ago, but SWC has already outgrown the size of one person. I am only able to maintain the SWC project now because of the help of many people.

The goal is to make SWC a project that is stable enough and supports a lot of use cases so that any company or organization can adopt it without too much worry. We will also be expanding its functionality further to match the name Speedy Web Compiler and its original goals.

SWC has implemented libraries for handling CSS, XML, and HTML, which are so high quality that they pass all web standards test cases except for the weird ones where the behavior is different in different browsers. We'll be making these modules available as npm packages as well. We'll also be implementing a semver solver to reduce compilation time for people using SWC on the Rust side.

It's a lot of work, but I'm not trying to do it all myself, so if you're interested, please reach out to me on Twitter @kdy1dev or at kdy.1997.dev@gmail.com.