nightly builds of @swc/core are now available

In the future, we will build an ecosystem CI with it to ensure stability

Today, we configured the build pipeline for nightly builds of @swc/core. You can try it by running the command below in your terminal.

# npm
npm i -D @swc/core@nightly
# yarn
yarn add -D @swc/core@nightly
# pnpm
pnpm i -D @swc/core@nightly

nightly builds are automatically published once per day, and we are going to prolong the release cycle of latest builds.

(Special thanks to GitHub and Microsoft, for sponsoring enormous amount of computing time for all OSS projects)

In the future, we are going to use this to improve the stability of @swc/core. The users can check if a newer version of @swc/core has a bug that can break their app, without building @swc/core by themselves. But this also applies to the core team. We are going to build a huge CI that runs periodically and check if the app breaks with the nightly version of @swc/core.

Honestly, I (DongYoon Kang ) wanted to add telemetry or automatic error reporting for unreachable!()s because they will help prioritize issues, but I think we will go with opt-in telemetry, even in case we add one.